Respect the Fells and Everyone You Meet at the Fells

Boulder, CO Voice and Sight Control Tag Program

In January 2011, the MA Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) announced that beginning in Spring 2011, dogs will be allowed off-leash in a designated area at sheepfold in the Fells. The off-leash area at Sheepfold opened in September 2011. Dogs must be on a leash of no longer than seven feet in length elsewhere on the reservation as described in the Massachusetts Code of Regulations (350 CMR 2.01).

The Middlesex Fells Dog Owner Group strongly encourages visitors with dogs to follow these guidelines to help ensure that everyone has a great time at the Fells (adapted from the "Notice to Visitors with Dogs" at Noanet Woodlands):
  • Carry out what your dog leaves behind.
  • Do not allow your dog, even if friendly, to approach other dogs or people:  They may not desire such contact.
  • Do not allow your dog to chase, hunt, or harass people, wildlife or other dogs.
We would very much like to see the Department of Conservation and Recreation adopt the standards for voice and sight control established by the City of Boulder, CO and and codified in 1996 in their municipal ordinances. We encourage everyone to watch the City of Boulder's video about voice and sight control and to train their dogs to these standards.

Details about the City of Boulder Voice and Sight Dog Tag Program is available on the city's website.