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Public Comments on the Draft RMP

posted Nov 27, 2011, 6:00 AM by michele biscoe
On November 23, the Department of Conservation and Recreation posted the comments submitted between September 14 and November 14 on the Draft Resource Management Plan for the Middlesex Fells Reservation.  Eighty-nine comments support of permitting visitors with off-leash dogs on at least some part of the trail system of the Middlesex Fells--not including over 300 unique signatures that FellsDOG submitted with our petition for off-leash on-trail accomodations.

Thank you everyone who submitted comments in support of off-leash on-trail in the Middlesex Fells!

This chart shows
  • the number of comments submitted in support of off-leash on-trail (89 or 33%);
  • the number of comments submitted in opposition to off-leash on-trail, including comments from people who wrote generally that the DCR should enforce existing regulations (74 or 27%);
  • the number of comments from people who did not specifically mention off-leash on-trail but support multi-use in general and wrote that the Fells should accommodate all users and that trail closures and restrictions should be equitable (29 or 11%); and 
  • the number of comments that did not mention off-leash on-trail at all (81 or 30%).
Less than thirty percent of all comments submitted oppose permitting dogs to be off-leash on the trails.

Some people submitted more than one comment about the RMP, and while it is important and in many cases interesting to read their comments on different aspects of the RMP, it also makes sense to consider the number of unique names in the public comments (chart below). Still, the number of people who commented on the draft RMP in opposition to allowing dogs off-leash is less than thirty percent.