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Winchester Board of Selectmen Propose North Reservoir Access

posted Jul 10, 2013, 12:31 PM by michele biscoe   [ updated Jul 10, 2013, 1:09 PM ]
Proposed North Reservoir access. Credit: Town of Winchester website
Fells dog owners are grateful to the Winchester Board of Selectmen for voting to approve an interim plan to allow for walking and hiking activities as well as for dogs on leashes at a designated trail area around the North Reservoir for a trial period continuing through November 2013, at which time the policy will be reviewed by the Board of Selectmen. The image to the right, from the Town of Winchester website, shows the fire roads and trails that are now open to the public from dawn to dusk for walking and hiking activities as well as for dogs on leashes.  Click on the image to download a .pdf from the Town of Winchester website.  For complete details, please refer to the press release regarding Proposed North Reservoir Access from Town Manager, Richard C. Howard.

We are grateful, too, to Representative Jason M. Lewis for his advocacy for public access to the Winchester reservoir lands.

The Fells Dog Owner Group encourages everyone to enjoy the the designated trail area around the North Reservoir responsibly, to be respectful of the natural resource and the public water supply, and to be courteous to other visitors!